Houston Dog Walkers and Dog Services

Pricing options galore.

Dog Walk – 30 minutes – $17

30-minute walk around the block lets your pooch stretch its legs and mark some territory.

Dog Walk – 45 minutes – $22

45-minute stroll through the neighborhood allows for some more exploring and helps to build up an appetite.

Dog Walk – 1 hour – $29

60-minute PUPPY PREFERRED exercise-hour gives your pup a chance to really burn off some energy and stimulate its curiosity.

Dog Run – 30 minutes. – $28

30-minute run through the neighborhood to keep your pooch fit and TIRED (because a tired dog is a WELL-BEHAVED dog)

Blood-Hound Hike @ Memorial Park – $34

A 60-minute trip to Memorial Park for some serious exploring on the hiking trails, where the scents are always changing!

Off Leash Dog Park Social – $34

60-minute OFF-LEASH trip to the nearest Houston Dog Park (fenced) for socialization, swimming, fetch and freedom.

Overnight Stay – $75

8-hour stay (10pm-6am) includes an evening walk and play time and morning walk, feeding and any household extras.

Dog Bath – $25

Have your pup clean-as-whistle when you come home

Pet Taxi – $25

Get your pet to the vet or groomer (extras may apply)

Holiday Rates

$20 Fee added during all Holidays

Weekend Rates

Add $3 per visit for services provided between Friday 3pm through Sunday pm)

Extra Pet – $5

Per extra pet at the same location


Keys $5 We require 2 keys for your residence. If 2 keys are not provided, we will be happy to have another made.

Locked Out – $20 Locked out of your house? No worries, we have a key and can meet you to unlock your place.

Rush Fee – $10 Added to bookings made less than 24-hours in advance.

Payment Pickup – $15 If payment is not provided before services are rendered, we charge this fee if we have to come back and pick it up.